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If not us, then who? If not now, then when? - John Lewis

The impetus to create Breakthrough with Blockchain (BwB) came during the throes of 2020.  Covid-19, social unrest, and a growing economic divide highlighted the challenges and injustices experienced by many in our country and gave rise to a deep desire to help close social, economic and employment gaps in underserved communities.


With expertise and experience in blockchain and employment, a group of like-minded executives came together in mid-2020 to discuss how they could use their knowledge, talents and assets to make lasting and impactful change.  As a result, BwB, was registered as a non-profit with a mission to create and deliver blockchain enabled solutions to help underserved communities. 


After consultation and collaboration with community leaders and stakeholders, BwB’s inaugural initiative was born.  The HBCU Talent Alliance will be an invitation-only social and employment platform and network for alumni of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).  Learning and employment records (LERs) credentialed and verified by use of blockchain will be available for HBCU alumni to grant and customize viewing permissions. 

As a result, alumni within the HBCU Talent Alliance network will have complete agency and control over their LERs, have access to a robust social network within their HBCU cohort, and have a direct pipeline to select employers and employment agencies.  Alumni will also be given access to a digital wallet where they can display their LERs to those outside of the network.  In addition to the many benefits rendered by the HBCU Talent Alliance, BwB is committed to deliver participating HBCUs with significant ownership and control of the resulting entity.


The use of blockchain is already disrupting industries across the board by democratizing information, improving efficiencies and creating immutable records.  We invite you to join a growing number of industry leaders and help ensure these benefits are garnered by communities in the most need.


If you are interested in learning more about what is in store for BwB or the HBCU Talent Alliance, we would love to hear from you.


Christian A. Hendricks

Executive Director

Breakthrough with Blockchain